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iOS accounts for approximately 50% of the mobile device market share in North America and Europe. iOS apps average five times the revenue per download compared to Android. And, iOS users tend to be more loyal to the apps they install as well.


The Android market is enormous and only getting larger. In 2017 Google announced that there were more than 2 billion android users. Half of the phones in Europe and the US, and more than 75% of phones globally run Android.


Most apps are built separately for both iOS and Android. However, new technologies have emerged that enable a single build with significantly reduced development time and cost without sacrificing looks or performance.

Systems Integration

No app is an island, and neither is your business. Nearly every project depends on other connected systems and technologies to function. Databases, the cloud, connected devices, machinery, and third-party applications are all an integral part of today's development environment. Bluefish has the knowledge and experience to bring all of these components together seamlessly.


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